Direct Mail Tips


Direct Mail Tips

One the most important pieces of your marketing plan to implement direct mail marketing. Doing this can be a hard and in most cases thankless task. One the troubles can be today’s complicated mailing regulations and postage rates. Also, with the flood of mail coming in it makes it more difficult to stand out. Getting your readers attention has to Happen quickly and motivate them to take action.


Here are some tips to make sure that you get the right message out to your target in the right way.


-To increase response give away a free gift to your target audience

-Make sure that your target can see the free gift offer (make it big)

-Don’t give away all the information make them want to learn more

-Don’t use too many buzzwords

-Provide proof and citations to gain credibility

-Make sure that your offer is easy to obtain

-Add images so your target can visualize the outcome

-Offer a try it before you buy it option

-Have your copy written by a professional don’t try to reinvent the wheel through trial and error

-Have your graphics done by a professional

-Articulate the many benefits of your product or service

-Using colored paper can help make an impact and actually save on printing costs

-When ending a page tried to have the sentence stop in the middle this way it will encourage the reader to turn to the next page

-Make your direct mail is personal as you can

-Tell the reader a story


One other thing is using a direct mail agency can save you a lot of time in cut down on your direct mail campaign cost. This is because the direct marketing agency knows exactly what it takes to convert your readers into paying customers. With postcard marketing you only have a small window of opportunity to get your targets attention in turn that postcard into money in your pocket.


There are many great agencies that handle direct-mail campaigns so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult. I would recommend using one that actually specializes in direct mail services some of these companies will not only specialize in direct-mail marketing but even a narrower niche searches real estate postcard marketing or variable data printing. All in all finding a good direct mail agency will ultimately come down it direct-mail marketing costs. It may be a little more money then doing the entire project yourself but leaving some things the experts will keep your direct-mail postcards from going directly into the trash.


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M?rk?t?ng Automation


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If ??u’r? ? ?m?ll bu??n??? m?rk?t?r, ?t?rt l??k?ng ?nt? the m?rk?t?ng t??l? ?nd m?rk?t?ng ?ut?m?t??n v?nd?r? ?v??l?bl?. If ??u d?n’t ?t?rt ???n, ??u w?ll b? l?ft b?h?nd — ?nd ?l???ng ??t?h-u? ?? n?v?r ? fun ??t?v?t?. Y?u w?ll b? ?ur?r???d ?t h?w ?ff?rd?bl? the ????b?l?t??? ?r?, ?nd b?g?nn?ng t? l?v?r?g? them n?w, w?ll ?ut ??u ?ut ?n fr?nt ?f ??ur ??m??t?t??n. Also, to automate things even further try using some type of customer communications management software.

Written by SEO Experts NYC

Finding the Right SEO Service


Boston SEO Services

Finding the right SEO company to handle your search engine optimization needs can be the thing that makes or breaks your company. As the years go on and technology has made it almost a requirement to use a computer to find goods and services it has become crucial to get your business online and on the top of the searches. An example of this need would be the known statistic that the first listing in the Google search results gets 37% of the website traffic. The #2 spot will get about 20% of the traffic and it really starts to drop off from there. Even being found for local search results can play an important role in making your business loads of money. In the SEO Boston area there are many search engine optimization companies to choose from but be warned, some of these SEO companies can kill your online presence. There are also SEO companies that specialize in optimization for special segments of business such as water damage restoration NYC. These SEO companies can be very effective at promoting your business because they know the ins and outs of your trade. One of the most competitive markets for SEO is the NYC market and these NYC SEO Experts can rank your water damage or mold remediation company within a matter of month’s and not years. If you are in the NYC are visit to find out how they can help you.

Is a Low Carb Diet The Right Choice?


I have tried many different diets along my way to weight loss.. and weight gain and the question that I always end up asking myself is which diet best suits me? I have tried low carbohydrate diets which left me feeling like I was cheating myself out all the nutrients that are in all those starchy vegetables. Also, the low carb diets left me craving things like sweets and ice cream which normally I don’t eat very much. I think that part of those cravings are mostly mental cravings because I know that I cannot have those sweet high carb foods. I did notice however that once I stayed on this low carb meal plan the cravings did go away for the most part. This took a couple of weeks to get into the swing of things and mostly the weekends were pure hell for me. On the weekdays the cravings were not so much because I wold be bus with work and exercise.


How to carb cycleI did find it hard to stay on this type of meal plan for more than a month or two but I did see results while eating a low carbohydrate diet. The happy medium for me was this process of cycling my carbohydrate intake from day to day. This was the way Chris Powell showed me how to carb cycle. I have been  losing weight at a steady pace and I don’t feel those uncontrollable cravings like I did when I was on a strict low to no carbohydrate diet. Now this diet may not be the right fit for everyone because unlike most diet experts (which I am not) I don’t believe that there’s a one size fits all approach to dieting. I know some people that lose weight by eating strictly vegan and then I know some people that could not even stand the thought of never eating meat again. I believe that I fall into the last category. So, go out and find a healthy eating habit that suits you and be sure to make sure that it is a well rounded one!